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New Services

At Avivo Salon we want to keep up with the latest styles and trends. With our exceptional stylists at work, we want to make you feel and look your best! Here are a few of our most up to date services to take advantage of. For pricing information please call to set up your consultation or speak to a stylist.

Don’t forget to ask about our seasonal spa specials and treat yourself!

Hair Extensions

Tired of waiting for that short hair to reach a desired length? Hair extensions are the new big thing! Easy to maintain and affordable, giving you that long beautiful natural looking hair with 100% human hair. (Price by consultation)

Botinol    $130

G.M Collin’s Botinol is a non-evasive anti-aging treatment which includes a botox-like effect. This clinically proven procedure will leave you with visibly relaxed expression lines, reduced lines and wrinkles, while delivering a more rejuvenated and revitalized glow! The best part...there is no needle, no pain, no trauma! 

Shellac  Nails    $40

Shellac nails are the hottest new thing! If you are a manicure lover and are looking for something that will not only last longer but keep you away from gels or acrylics, Shellac nails are prefect for you. While regular manicures may last just a few days before chipping , Shellac nails are guaranteed to last up to 14 days without losing the shine or shimmer. It is a great way to maintain your natural nails giving it great flexibility and durability.